Children's slide purchasing guide


Children's slide purchasing guide

How to choose children's outdoor playground?Children's outdoor playground are amusement facilities for children, they must be carefully selected and purchased, otherwise it will cause safety hazards.So what should we pay attention to when  purchase the children’s outdoor playground?Next, LONGLY will introduce the selection method of children's outdoor playground for you.

2017伊琪乐A (10).jpgChildren generally like to drill, climb and slide,The children’s slide is their best outdoor playground.Children's slide is colorful, entertaining, complete function, reliable quality,It is designed according to children's interest in drilling and climbing.This facility can not only entertain children, but also give them exercise.There are many kinds of children slide, bright colors, more functions, and safety guarantee.Generally speaking, children's slide mainly has the following characteristics:

1.A complete children's slide shall include sliding barrel, climbing ladder, railing and other components;

2.Without sharp and prominent objects, the parts have many shapes and colors, and can be designed as required;

3.Durable, safe and reliable, bright color, prevent static electricity, clever design;

4.Can let the child harvest the joy in the play, attracts the child's attention.

2017伊琪乐A (27).jpgThe new children's slide, from pillar, fastener to pillar top cover, is made of aluminum alloy, durable and rust - proof.The surface is more colorful electrostatic spray plastic, anti - ultraviolet light, long - term use can also maintain excellent and stable effect.In order to give children a happy childhood,many parents will be very careful to design children's houses,to add more fun to the child's room,many parents will choose to buy children's slides.Now, there are so many child slides on the market,so what problems should we pay attention to when shopping for child slides?

LL-200042.jpgPurchase children slide, quality is the primary selection factors, especially the environmental protection material, because children's resistance is weak, as strong play facilities not only require quality, but also pay attention to environmental protection, so when the choose and buy is best to buy brand products, such products have been national inspection commonly, if do not understand the quality of the products, can look for the products with and without quality certification and environmental certification, best buy with these two kinds of brand products.

LL-200067.jpgIt is best to choose qualified unit to procurement slide, passes through the quality certification company and environmental protection certification unit of national security authentication when buying a slide, don't only look at the price and image, only buy the wrong, don't sell wrong, some businessmen use up raw material or is expected to replace the defective goods or in the raw material to add other material