Outdoor Playground Installation Instructions


Children Outdoor Playground Installation

1.Installation Instructions

1.1 Attention should be paid while installing the children outdoor playground:

1.1.1 Please read this instruction carefully before open the packing,in order to check each components right.

1.1.2 Each component should be marked before open the packing.

1.1.3 As for screws,please do not destroy the mark on the packing when open it.

1.1.4 Please do not mix all the components together.

1.1.5 While install,please get up and put down the parts gently not to broken them.

1.1.6 When install,please pay attention to the safety,not to hurt anybody.

1.1.7 Please check each component in good condition while installing or using.

1.1.8 While assembling,please be sure the screw closed tightly.

1.2 Attention should be paid while using:

1.2.1 Its forbidden to climb over the rails,handles,roofs.And when kids come in and out of the outdoor playground ,please keep in order, its forbidden to climb the slide in opposite way,please keep kids not to push or pull to each other.

1.2.2 Forbidden to move the children outdoor playground,disassemble and loose any parts of the outdoor playground privately.

1.2.3 If the screw loose,please do not use the outdoor playground,and be tough with our after sales person.

1.2.4 Inside the safety area of this outdoor playground,its forbidden to install any other equipment which is come out to the protect flooring.

1.3 About the safety area of children outdoor playground:

1.3.1 Deck height less than 1500px,It will be Okey,not to set up the safe area except the door area.

1.3.2 Deck height equal to or higher than 1500px,the safety area is 1.5m.

1.3.3 Deck height equal to or higher than 3750px,the safety area is 2/3*(Deck height+0.5)

1.3.4 The exit area of the outdoor playground should not be overlap with other equipment.

1.3.5 Inside the using area of this outdoor playground,obstacles which is not the part of this outdoor  playground(for example:the tress) should be 2.13 higher than the playing area.

1.4 Maintaining method:

1.4.1 Please frequently clean the blot.

1.4.2 When detach any parts of this outdoor playground,please be marked to avoid any trouble.

1.4.3 Please avoid long time immersed into the water.

2.The whole view of the children outdoor playground


3.Location Map of the kids outdoor playground


4. Installation Steps

4.1 Look at the drawings

To determine the location of the display,in front of the slide and the stairs at least 1 meters.

4.2 Installation Platform

First to find the column with the serial number,from the height of the lowest height of the column to start the installation.

Find the right column,the column has a screw hole,as long as the common platform to connect.

If you do not really determine the location,the installation of a platform will be in the placement of the drawings,

loading 2 to 3 platform after the first jump to the first step to see if it is correct,the right to continue the second step.

If there is a platform and the platform between the plastic parts or iron to be installed,please see the third step.

4.2.1 Four angle platform of the kids outdoor playground


4.4 Set up the stairs and the slide

Comfirm that the steps in the front are correct,and then start the process

4.4.1 The slide


4.4.2 ''S'' modelling slide

Install the platform


Install the platform's handrail


Install the ''S'' modelling slide


Install slide's plastic parts


Install five steps ladder


4.5 Build the top slide

Build the top decoration


Build leaf roof


4.6 Build platform separator

Build UFO and frisbee climbing



Build digital separator