How to choose children's furniture?


How to choose children's furniture?

LL3-008-1-4.jpgFirst, the material is healthy environmental protection

The material of children furniture is comparatively rich, for example children book desk and chair, have lumber, man-made board, plastic to wait, these materials have characteristic each.But all material should be based on solid and practical choice, under the premise of and require all surface coating should have not faded and not easy to scratch, must ensure that the environmental protection, no peculiar smell health harmless, to ensure children's health, no hidden dangers.Because the child often wants to touch these places, the material of furniture USES environmental protection, safety and health is above all.

LL4-027-3.jpgSecond, choose the appropriate size and function

The child is in rapid ground grows in, the dimensions that the child of different ages chooses book desk and chair can differ somewhat, according to the child characteristic of each age layer chooses furniture, want moderate, unfavorable too lead.

Starting from the principle of ergonomics, the size of children's desks and chairs should be combined with the height, age and body shape of children, which is beneficial to the healthy growth of children.Generally speaking, the standard of children's desk is 1.1~1.2 meters long, 0.76 meters high and 0.55~0.6 meters wide.The standard height of the chair is 0.4-0.44 meters, and the overall height is no more than 0.8 meters, which can basically meet the needs of school-age children. Of course, this size is not suitable for preschool children or high school and college students.

The book desk and chair of preschool children, the proposal chooses small round desk, a few small stool type, convenient have many children gather together to read and write a picture, have atmosphere more. If you don't want to replace the child's desk, you can consider to choose the lifting of children can adjust the height of the desk, so that it can be adjusted at any time according to the growth of children, let them each stage of learning to live. If it is a children room area is lesser, can choose a few muti_function furniture, such as bed, desk and wardrobe combination of furniture, can at the same time of guarantee the function is all ready, so save a lot of space.

LL3-012-2.jpgThe 3rd, colour and modelling have exquisite

Generally speaking, preschool babies are eager to understand and get close to nature and are interested in vivid images. Those lovely small animal modelling, the geometrical form such as bright-coloured square, triangle, round ball, accord with the psychological characteristic of preschool children. Give them furniture of choose and buy, appropriate choice image is lively and vivid, line is concise, have game characteristic concurrently furniture. In the heavily cool diffuse cartoon in modelling furniture, like a round doodle lovely winnie the pooh, colorful Disney cute little guy, sweet and romantic fairy tale world princess modelling of design elements, etc., are particularly suitable for preschool child.LL3-050-2.jpg

To the child of growing up period, more independent on character a few, can choose contracted, generous, pure and fresh or anacreontic style furniture according to the character characteristic of the child. If you choose children's desks and chairs purely, you should not choose those that are too fancy. On the one hand, they are easy to be out of fashion, on the other hand, they are also easy to distract children's attention, making them unable to concentrate on study. It is suggested to choose the one with simple shape and strong function. Of course, if parents feel lack of change, might as well use colour and soft outfit to break depressing.

In colour respect, as a part of children's room, the choice of desk and chair of book should match a room. 0 ~ 7 years old children is the peak of the development of creativity, it is best to bold and bright color, arouse their curiosity and attention can cultivate children more sensitivity to the color, too dark or old furniture and the lack of the color of furniture had better not.