Common sense of children's furniture and building materials in children's rooms


Common sense of children's furniture and building materials in children's rooms

Children are at the most critical stage of growth and development. As the child rests the space that sleep, the building materials that children room chooses the first element is environmental protection, green healthy Materials can give children a safe space to grow up.

9_看图王.jpgChildren's room paint

Although children's paint is only the shush head that coating business people think out, but the waterborne coating of environmental protection type has become the first choice that people decorate a house.The metope coating that USES high-tech means and environmental protection formula, while reducing indoor pollution, still can purify air, absorb poisonous gas, give a child a fresh space.

2017伊琪乐A (88)_看图王.jpgChildren room wallpaper

Wallpaper for the style, the choice of children of different ages have different interests demand, some like fun cartoon design, some wants his room didn't look childish, whichever wallpaper, choose and buy when cannot careless.

2017伊琪乐A (74)_看图王.jpgChildren's furniture

Children furniture according to the child's body design, or is light and lovely, or is concise and lively, can be designed is not complicated, but the materials must be safe, the craft must be exquisite, after all, it is the child's intimate sitting and lying things.


Children bed

For children, high quality and environmentally friendly beds for children, not only can have a good night's sleep quality, can also contribute to the growth of children, avoid bad children bed to adverse impact on the child's body.